Projects 2016


Projects for 2016

Step by step, projects are formed, are constructed and true. Ideas are buzzing in the heads to improve, renovate the orphanage to make its premises less dark and gloomy in the eyes of their residents.


Since our first visit in 2010, many projects that have been possible thanks to donations. Today, projects that seemed almost impossible in 2010, were made. The efforts are paying and we walk slowly towards a future pinker and brighter for these children.


To continue on this path, targets were set for 2016:


We want to continue our company renovation and rehabilitation of the last rooms for girls and boys rooms with the addition of a wall of separation ventilated before the walls of the moisture soaked background. Replace ue colored coat of paint to brighten the daily.


We also want to continue to provide resupply sanitary products for each child and also give them the necessary medical products against incidents and hassles of everyday life (paracetamol, Ventolin, antibiotic cream, products against lice drugs against stomach aches and painful periods ….)


As the mattresses still suffering the hazards of moisture, we plan to buy back their missing mattress.


Their tissues and provide training for their sewing workshop to make them make bags or pouches that we will put on sale in United Colors of Bali.


Try running a jewelry workshop so they can sell on the market and in our shop.


So they have the best conditions to study, we will also refurbish the computers they own and buy two new computers.


Moreover, as we do not want only to ensure an improvement in their daily lives but ensure them a future after the orphanage, we continue to fund the university course Aufa and Nia who are last year to become an English teacher.


In the same vein, we plan to train two young, in United Colors of Bali, a hotel trades.


Finally, our last project for 2016 will be to extend the vegetable garden and add a chicken to ensure the consumption of eggs and chicken.


Find attached the estimated cost of our projects for the year 2016:

nb enfants Prix/enfant en rp Total par mois en Rp Total par an en Rp Total par an en € Observations
Produits médicaux nécessaires 145   300 000 3 600 000 248 Paracétamol, bétadine, gazes, Ventoline, crème antibiotique pour impétigo, menstruations douloureuses, maux d’estomac, produit pour les poux
Rachat de matelas complémentaires 25 180 000   4 500 000 317  
Amélioration quantité produits sanitaires 145   500 000 6 000 000 423 Actuellement par mois 20 l de shampoing pour 144 enfants. Un tube de 60 g de dentifrice par enfant. Il en faudrait le double.
Travaux d’asssainissement des chambres et peinture       75 000 000 5 282 11 chambres
Ordinateurs       1 800 000 127 remise en état de 5 unités
Achat ordinateurs neufs       7 500 000 528 2 unités
Cursus universitaire 2     24 600 000 1 732 Financement de 1 année de cursus pour 2 jeunes
Formation à United Colors 2 2 700 000   5 400 000 380 1 jeune par trimestre pour apprendre un métier de l’hôtellerie
Amélioration d’un jardin potager 145     5 500 000 387 Aménagement espace pour légumes et poulailler
Amélioration de l’atelier couture 145     0 0 Récupération des chutes et patrons
Lancement d’un atelier de bijoux 145     5 000 000 352 Achat matière première et formation
138 900 000 9 424